"...this chef knows what he's doing, and what he's doing-- handmade tortillas; pristine, fresh, ingredients; balanced flavors and textures-- will knock your socks off."

"This place is so good I thanked the owner for opening it."

"Hands down, the best taco I've ever had. These were huge tacos, none of these dinky tacos on micro corn tortillas that many Mexican food trucks churn out."

Portland Restaurant Review:
"Made from flour, the Pepper Box tortillas are well worth
the entire experience — they are homemade, thick and light 
at the same time...they do not fall apart under the weight of 
the delicious goodies that chef Jim places inside." northeast/food-carts-    pepper-box/

Food Carts Portland: 
"The chorizo taco with the spicier green chile sauce was excellent with the tortilla acting as a wrapper to keep all
the goodies in."

"The green and red also delivered on that mystical flavor palate that had been nothing but a memory since we moved here all those months ago..."